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About us

Our website Magic Berry is exactly about what the name suggests – a form of berry that has almost magical properties. Yes, we are talking about the Acai Berry, also known as the Euterpe Oleracea.

Before we take you around our website, a few words on this magic berry will help you understand better the products and supplements we offer. Acai Berry discovered in the Amazon rain forests has many amazing properties. The tribes of this area that live off this berry are known to be free from blindness, malnutrition, many forms of cancer and heart diseases. This berry is a rich source of dietary fibre, nutrition and protein. Most members of these tribes have a life span exceeding 100 years and more.

The introduction of this berry in the Western world in recent years has been a low key affair, focussed in the preparation of smoothies and fruit juices. But we at Magic Berry have taken upon us to spread the message of the properties of Acai Berry so that more people can benefit from it.

Our site is categorised in clear definitive sections so that you can get precisely what you want. Browse through the many supplements made of Acai Berry and order right away. Or go through the many recipes and energy drink that will surely help you improve on your health.

In stages, we will be including very informative blogs and write-ups on the Acai berry and how it can enable a better quality of life for all. We will also bring you the latest in research and technological advancements made in the areas of processing and producing food supplements with this berry as an ingredient.

Keep tuned to Magic Berry to pick up the quality of your life.